Cloister Black: Font Friday

Cloister Black Free Font Created by: Dieter Steffmann
Category: FREE, Fonts
File Type: TTF for Mac or Win
Description: One of our favorite free fonts by Dieter Steffmann. Free fonts typically don’t come with all of the characters and signs, but Cloister Black pretty much has them all. We recommend doing a search for Dieter Steffmann and his fonts. He’s a font maniac and offers many of them for free.
License: Free to use in your personal and commercial illustrations.

Download Cloister Black Font

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  1. This font is horrible… if uyou expand it to any great extent you can see it was very badly made… the lines at choppy and uneven.. it’s really terrible.

  2. Hi Meph,

    I just tested the font and I disagree. I made a 10×10 inch document both in Illustrator and Photoshop @ 300dpi and typed a few random letters (CXA) and the lines are crisp as you can get. Are you zoomed in at an odd percentage like 16.7% or 33.3% or 66.7%? Many people don’t realize that odd zoom percentages will make fonts and graphic appear to be aliased or choppy and uneven, but this doesn’t mean the font is badly executed.


  3. I had the same experience as Alex when I downloaded it.



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