There have been many changes around here lately and there are many more on there way. First, we upgraded the website to WordPress 2.7 so now it loads faster and is certainly easier to use from an admin point of view. We also upgraded our shopping cart which was in desperate need of an update. Our shopping cart is finally compatible with Safari and works faster than ever in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

As of right now, images are not displaying when you click on a category or do a search, but we know what the problem is and we are fixing it right now. And the top nav is rather ugly right now… we’re working on it. Everything else on the site is working better than ever.

Many new features will be coming to IHeartVector in the next few weeks including the ability for vector artists to sell their own vector on the site. We will be paying artists as much as 50% commision on each file they sell and will pay via PayPal every 30 days.

If you encounter any errors on our website please let us know by using our simple contact form.

More soon…




Graphic River Stock Vector

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